The Rise of Super Moon

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Sky-watchers and night lovers are out from their homes to a clear view on August 10. The light in which they were treated was a “Supermoon”. The Supermoon is the popular name for the scientific phenomenon, called perigee-SYZY. The scientific nomenclature has perigee meaning “closest point to the earth” and SYZY, an astronomical term, which means the alignment of three celestial bodies. As one might gather from the popular name, is a Supermoon more the normal full moon, which occurs when the moon reaches its stage “full”, while in the midst of its orbit around the earth reaches the closest point it. Moreover, it aligns with the earth and the sun. Since the moon is physically closer, it seems much larger and much brighter. This Sunday supermoon did not disappoint, being more than 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter in to all who ventured to their doors.

the 10th August supermoon, however, was not the only one this year. Previously, there was a July 13, and another is planned September 9. what made this unique moon, as reported by NASA, is not only that it happened the same day as the perigee, but even at the same time.

While media trends buzzed with excitement on the Supermoon, NASA and other astronomers were not impressed, arguing that this is normal and is receiving too much media attention.

“In general, the full moon occurs near perigee every 13 months and 18 days, so it’s not all that unusual,” said Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory. “In fact, last year, there were three perigee Moons in a row, but only one has been widely reported.” (Source)

Some people thought the moon to come so close of land, dire consequences could threaten the planet, the British Daily Express newspaper. scientists and observers reject the last end of the global hype, which reminds expectations of abduction or the Mayan calendar ending in 2012 . what we will see, according to, is that the alignment of the sun and moon can create increased tectonic activity, but the proximity of the moon affects just minor changes to our environment. Tides will be a little high, but not in apocalyptic proportions.

According to NASA, “the combination of the moon being at its closest to the full moon and should not affect the balance of internal energy Earth because there lunitidal daily. There is a small difference in the tidal forces exerted by the gravitational pull of the moon at lunar perigee. However, they are too small to overcome the larger forces within the planet. “(Source)

However, the sight of so bright moon naturally inspired wonder and joy feelings in people. so strongly largest moon lights up the sky as if it was the day, who would not want to watch it?

If you missed the event on 10 August, the sky even more in store for you. It is right supermoon occur near the meteor shower Perseids, which will take place August 12th the Perseids have been seen for thousands of years, occurring every August when the earth’s orbit takes by comet dust and debris (source). astronomers are not worried that the moon will decrease view the Perseids, because there are many very large meteors that hit Earth’s atmosphere. All the things you might learn about in an astronomy class!