Healthy Breakfast Ideas for food in the morning

health food ideas
Looking back in 1960, bacon and eggs showed at breakfast and roast beef and gravy were on American plates. Lunch may or may not have been another meal of meat. And McDonald arrived, like Burger King, Wendy’s and Pizza Hut. These fast foods have introduced the concept of fast food. They do not sell broccoli, carrots and omelettes. Even in smaller towns, these fast food restaurants in direct charge of the meat, cheese and soda; which led to huge consumption of calories and sugars in our diet resulting in poor health and obesity. Every year it gets worse. And the sad thing is that these days, the importance of having a well-nourished idea Breakfast is not given much importance.

Many people still do not know about the power of nourishing food, rather just they are told about the diet plans and are almost bored with them. Well, it’s not always about dieting; rather it is a whole new way of thinking about food, a new way to live healthy EAT!

A healthy diet is one way to use food to feed and care for your body. It is as natural as breathing. Once you understand the difference after the start of healthy lifestyle, you will not return to unhealthy ways.

Sometimes people are in a hurry and grab a cupcake or dessert, baked and runoff for work or school. Sometimes they even jump to save their time .. Studies show that people who skip breakfast actually end up eating more during a day and have higher cholesterol levels, compared with people who start day with breakfast.

Here are some ideas for quick lunches and rich in nutrients. Notice that each of these breakfasts include at least three food groups food, which contributes to the richness in nutrients:

Try a Fruit Smoothie cream or spicy pumpkin Oatmeal.A cereals enriched topped with fresh fruit, some nuts and chopped milk low in fat. Add honey to taste if you like grilled to.A whole grain bagel with natural peanut butter, topped with raisins and a low fat glass milk.Low fat or nonfat yogurt topped with granola low fruit.A fat and low fruit and yogurt smoothie with -Fat germ.A English cupcake wheat toast with poached egg, low fat cheese slice, and orange juice. Take any other fresh fruit juices if you have not oranges.A or two slices of cold pizza and vegetables and a glass of orange juice.Eggs Benedict with asparagus and hollandaise sauce low in fat is a stylish flat with freshly squeezed orange juice for a colorful and healthy meal. The use of asparagus as an accompaniment also provides a serving of vegetables earlier in the day, help you achieve the healthy goal of at least five vegetables every day. You can find interesting recipes online as to start your day healthy.