I could not be happier with my Incredible New Stone Grill, and the way he cooked my tasty steaks!

Hot stones
I enjoy a good steak more pretty almost any type of food, and when I discovered my new grill stone, I converted to a whole new way of cooking. I’m pretty careful about how I cook my steaks, and whenever possible, I use real flame. I once made the mistake of trying to grill my steaks in the oven and it was almost enough to make me cry.

While I love quite almost everything involved with grilling, as the use of different marinades, seasonings, even mesquite every now and then, the only thing I did the ‘is not really like having to clean the grill after. There is some time my wife and I decided to change things up a bit and instead of grilling steaks, grilled us some delicious kebabs. We were happy with how they turned out, since we have used a new delicious marinade and our favorite vegetables like squash and snow peas. They were incredibly delicious and my wife and I were very pleased with our efforts.

A week later, disaster struck when we tried to recreate our perfect skewers. I got lazy the last time I grilled and had neglected to scrub the grill, and when I went back to the kebabs, I saw to my horror that they were completely glued to the grid. I tried to pull free, but the marinade had bonded well enough to the black stuff on the grill and my precious meat torn.

It was heartbreaking to see this happen to such a delicious food. I could not even enjoyed the rest of my meal because I’m so unhappy about the meat being ripped and lose some of the flavor of the marinade. Tonight I went out and rubbed and rubbed until it was completely flawless. I am determined to never let something like that happen again, but every occurrence left me a little disappointed with grilling.

It was not too long after, I am pleased to receive a stone grill as a gift. I had not seen one of these cooking stones before but it looked interesting. I got out my new camera directly and cook a delicious steak right on the table. It was wonderful to sit at the table and grill outside and see the howling wind. The steak came out completely perfect and I knew I cook my steak that way from now on!