Learn to make Italian pasta

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Italian cooking courses are a must for anyone who like to eat Italian style. Take for example spaghetti. We all know, the little box of spaghetti gave us as children to the big plate of spaghetti that grandma used to make the weekend. It normally follows the same recipe, from New York to Houston to Seattle, long spaghetti noodles, tomato sauce, and lots of meat.

However, did you eat the version of Spaghetti immigrants? Or Spaghetti is just one of many types of pasta? In fact, the dishes of the most common pasta in Italy have much less meat than Americans are used to in their Spaghetti. The reason is that in the 19th century, there was not enough meat available in a large part of Italy, so rich to the poor, it was customary to put meat in pasta once in some time. When immigrants saw how the meat was available in their new home, they added a lot of it, giving us the dish that we recognize today. Then there is the tomato sauce. Few Americans can design spaghetti without tomato sauce (except perhaps for the Alfredo sauce), but in Italy professional cooks tomatoes or hesitate to use them sparingly, and many dishes not to call for them at all, if for no other reason than tomatoes tend to get into everything.

So, to make authentic Italian pasta, think outside the box. No tomato? Less or no meat? Çe no problemo! First, you must ensure that you have the basic equipment. The first thing is a materello, along with Italian pastry roller used to flatten pasta. Many Italians will remember their grandmother using it. Italy women use it not only to deploy their pasta, but to give their husbands a good whap on the head if they should come home drunk. On the other hand, a machine for pasta to be sliced, of which there are many types. Third, and equally important, the best ingredients. Fourth, you need to determine what type of pasta you want to do. There are several types, spaghetti that we Americans know so well, and thicker slices called Taglioni (or smaller Taglionlini), fettuccine, or you can pump much thicker spaghetti called Buccatini.

To make a particular type of pasta you can follow a basic recipe. To make enough for 4, you need 3 ½ cups all purpose white, and 3 eggs. It works much better if the eggs are fresh from the farm. If you made pizza crust or bread before, then you know what comes next. Form the flour on a work surface and scoop out the center. Then break the eggs on the hole in the middle. Although, if you want to make pasta like they do in Bologna, the birthplace of pasta, you only use the egg yolks! Beat the mixture lightly with a fork for a few minutes (which is difficult, you beat the yokes without mixture into the flour), then mix the flour together. Then start working the mixture with your hands until it is smooth and firm. Then you knead for 10 minutes and let stand for 20. Now you are ready to roll by hand using your materello, a rolling pin in special wood, and now its ready to be put in the pasta machine. Now you’ll have fresh pasta ready to use in any recipe that you should love.

The food for you and your friends and family is very satisfactory, and a wonderful gift to your loved ones. Cooking lessons are not only fun to do with children, but are educational for all who wish to learn more about nutrition, food science, and culture.